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Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Getting married is a unique experience in everyone’s life, something most people only do one time.

Its easy to overlook the amount of work a wedding planner puts into organising your big day, there are many issues to deal with and it’s by no means an easy profession.

Nowadays given the social importance of a wedding, organising one is an extremely complex task, a task that requires training, knowledge of the industry as a whole and locally, and incredible dedication and focus.

Every couple is different, has different ideas and tastes, thats why it’s important to find the wedding planner that suits your style and puts you at your ease.

Some reasons why you should hire a wedding planner…..

Problem solvers.

When planning a wedding all sorts of problems arise. A wedding planner will manage and solve all sorts of problems (some might even foresee and prevent them). They will provide advice and continuous assistance, supporting you every step of the way.

Dreams become reality

When you picture your wedding hundreds of ideas come to mind, things you’ve seen on social media, in magazines, at friends weddings, blogs. A wedding planner will help you refine and funnel those ideas into one consistent, cohesive and beautifully styled vision, ensuring everything is in perfect harmony.

Take away the stress

They take a way all of the worry, they are calm, reassuring and supportive, so that you feel relaxed throughout the whole planning process and on the big day itself.

Save you a lot of time

They will do all of the hard, time consuming work for you. After all they do this as a profession so their knowledge of where to go, where to get things sorted quickly is priceless.

Fully manage all aspects of your wedding

They will manage the three major factors for you. Making sure your needs are taken care of, everything is on time, and everything comes in on budget. Wedding planners are experts at managing resources and suppliers in the best possible way.

Guaranteed the perfect day

Wedding planners will meet and exceed your expectations, creating the wedding you have always dreamed of. Let them guide you with their know-how and passion and you will have the best wedding that you could have. Remember, you want to enjoy the day to the full, every single moment, so there is no room for stress or worry. They will take care of every small detail.

Unique to you

Every couple is unique and so must their wedding be. Wedding planners believe that for a wedding to be truly inimitable it must reflect the personality and taste of the couple.

Look after your guests

Not only do couples dream of the perfect day but they also want their guests to spend an unforgettable day in their company. A wedding planner will consider the needs of everyone, make everyone comfortable. From choosing the best kids entertainment to making sure every guest receives a favour, your wedding planner knows that every guest counts and everyone attending should feel special and cared for.

The right wedding planner will make your dream wedding a reality and turn the whole wedding preparation process into a sleek, enjoyable experience.

The beauty of an elopement wedding….

Couple eloping

Is an elopement wedding the best option for me?

So, before I answer this question, lets first dive in to what an elopement actually is…..

The historical definition was always one of scandalous romance, a couple running away without telling anyone, maybe a forbidden love, and getting married in sudden and secretive fashion without parental approval.

However nowadays, it’s seen as a small, intimate gathering, sometimes only the bride, groom, registrar and photographer (who sometimes doubles as the witness).

Weddings tend to be grand celebrations that need seating plans, cake tastings and everything in between. Don’t get me wrong, elopements can also involve these things, but on a much smaller and less stressful scale.

The beauty of an elopement is there are endless possible venues. Want to get married on the beach? No problem. Ceremony in the local park? Of course. Top of a mountain? Why not.

With an elopement, the venue is essentially wherever you want it to be, without the hefty deposit of a  wedding venue.

Some elopements have only the couples close family and friends, this doesn’t mean you can’t invite everyone and their aunt, but the guest list is a far more casual an affair. No seating plan necessary, and the reception can be in any eatery, bar, cafe or cave you want it to be.

The service itself can be religious or secular and only a few minutes long, but they may be the most important moments of your life. Thats why it is important to have a photographer there, to capture the essence of the ceremony and all of the moments within it.

The scariest part of any wedding is usually the price tag. Traditional weddings with a larger guest list can get pricy when you add up all of the different components of the day. Elopements are an affordable alternative to the couple on a budget, who want to put their funds to an all inclusive in Barbados honeymoon.

Elopement weddings allow you more command over the day, have less people in attendance, clothing rules can be flexible. This day is less about the pomp and ceremony of a wedding and more about your commitment to each other.

The day can then be less about the financial and social pressures and more about what is important – each other.

Is this the perfect wedding venue….?

Ruins of the foundry with la Concha in the distance

I’d initially been drawn to Finca la Concepcion by the hundreds of beautiful weddings that kept coming up on my social media feeds. It seems every floral, photography, catering, wedding planner, in fact every vendor in the area is working there at some point in the season, and they love to post about it.

Well I’m not surprised, the ruins of the foundry which was build in 1837 are the perfect backdrop to any big day. The ceremony can take place anywhere in the grounds but the most popular place seems to be at the foot of the foundry ruins, with la Concha mountain as your view.

The pergola with its beautiful Buganvillas

Co-ordinator of events, Tamara Bastida, explained to me “There are three main areas. The foundry, which is mostly used as a setting for the ceremony but can also be turned around to host the wedding reception, the pool area which is mostly used for the cocktail hour, and the external grounds of the house with its beautiful pergola which makes a great welcoming area but can be adapted to any use.”

Of course all and any part of the grounds make the perfect setting for photographs, the scenery is so unique with its centenary palm trees and many exotic fruit and citrus trees.

The manor house entrance

The manor house, which is not accessible to guests due to still being lived in at certain times of the year, was once the entrance to a 19th century church and has a certain “grandeur”, in front the relaxing trickle of water from the pond and fountains.

Pool area, popular for the cocktail hour

Tamara then went on to say “We host many different weddings and on various different days of the week. The largest we have catered for so far is 1,500 guests. We can also supply marquee areas for the very few days in the year that the weather is not so sunny.”

This venue is both expansive and intimate in equal measures, its vastness can cope with the most ambitious wedding plans, but can also be perfect for even the most private gathering.