About Me

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Hi, I’m Mark, the calm guy with the camera.

I know that wedding days can be a fairly stressful time, so I want you to think of me as your calm wedding best friend. I’m not just your wedding photographer, I’m a button hole fixer, dress re-arranger, out of place hair checker, bouquet holder, in fact everything to make sure you have the best day and the most beautiful, timeless images to look back on in future years.

I came to photography quite late, I wanted to go into Graphic Design and studied it at school, but after ‘falling’ into the hospitality industry, spent over 20 years in management, learning to manage and understand people on a close basis.

I think this is a big part of what makes a good photographer. Not only the ability to see and capture what others don’t, but being able to coach, organise and put those around you at their ease.

Image of mark

Fast forward to 2016, working in London,

I wanted to pursue a more chilled way of life so upped sticks and moved to the south of Spain. Sun, sea and the Mediterranean lifestyle, been here ever since and wouldn’t change it.

I started out photographing for fitness and bodybuilding, building a healthy client base, but every time I was asked to shoot a family occasion or intimate event I realised how satisfying it was to see the joy and emotion on the faces of the families I was photographing.

So, wedding photography, it’s the perfect companion for my calm, relaxed approach. I genuinely love to get to know my couples, love weddings and want you to have the best time. I want to capture the essence of your day, so when you look back on your photographs you can remember exactly what you were thinking, the sounds, the excitement, the anticipation, like you're still there.

If you want to know more about my approach to your wedding day, head over to the ‘My Approach’ page for more info.