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Hi, I'm Mark

For many years I photographed my other great passion, fitness and bodybuilding. But that all changed when I was asked to be the wedding photographer for a couple. They had been let down at the last moment, days before the wedding day…


Organising People....

I came to photography quite late. Deciding to go into graphic design I studied it at school, but ‘fell’ into the hospitality industry in my teens. My next 20 years were spent in restaurant and hotel management. This was my school on how to manage and organise people on a close basis.

“What makes a good photographer is not only being able to capture what others don’t. It’s being able to coach, organise and put those around you at their ease.”

In 2016 I lived in London and was working as the General Manager of a restaurant. Just to get away for a few days my wife and I booked a long weekend in Marbella. 

By the second day we’d both made the decision that we wanted to live there. So two months later we both left our jobs, sold everything, loading up our car to leave from Portsmouth on the ferry.

Random I know, but we spent the next six years living there, which is where I found my passion for photography. 

First it was all things fitness and muscles, achieving a healthy client base. Then after being approached by a local wedding planner to help out, this all changed.

Creative Wedding Photography

So, Wedding Photography, it’s the perfect companion for my calm relaxed approach.

I genuinely love to get to know people. I love weddings, and want you to have the most unforgettable day.

My soul aim is to capture the essence of your day using creative wedding photography, the sounds, the excitement, the anticipation. 

When you look back on your photos you’ll remember it all like you’re still in that moment.

Planning a wedding abroad?

You’re in luck, I love to travel, so if you’re looking to take a wedding photographer along and maybe take some photos. Let’s have a chat.

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